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Ken Sugimori, Tetsuya Nomura, Shirow Miwa,Tite Kubo, Hiroyuki Takei, Brian Lee O'Malley and a ton of artists I've seen on the internet.
General Interests:
Manga, anime, Chinese film, Films in general, video games, Reading, Architecture, Music, and all those things people need to do to live. Like sleep.
No one :D I doubt anyone's even heard of me.
To be honest, I'm still new to this whole comic thing.

I started drawing manga styled art when I was around eleven, drawing out my favourite characters from pokemon, and since then I found myself falling in love with the style.

I'm a student, currently on my A levels, and I hope to take an art based course on university level.
Despite the fact that I love to draw, I think I'm more likely to end up working in the media/film industry.
But who knows, right?

White Violet is my first graphic novel, and since then I've taken part in a few projects that will hopefully surface soon ^^